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We ask that you submit an official quote if your serious in commissioning us otherwise please use the information below for general pricing.

- We ask that the quote form be used for serious inquiries
- Final costume pricing will be determined after character design has been reviewed on the offical quote form
- Please keep in mind that complicated designs of characters will be subject to higher costs

Starting Costume Prices

  • Partial Costumes (Head, hands, feet, tail) $1500+
  • Fullsuit Costumes (Partial plus body)   $2200+
  • Digitigrade (Fullsuit with padding)   $2600+

Additional Requests (Selections and prices may vary)

  • Stuffed Paws **4 fingers only**  +$100
  • Extra Large Handpaws + $150 - 200 (varies by design)
  • Follow Me Eyes + $100
  • Claws on Hands (Soft)  **For stuffed paws only** + $50
  • Claws on Feet (Soft) + $50
  • Interchangeable Expressions +$150
  • Indoor Feet (upgrade basic outdoor feetpaws) + $200
  • Indoor Feet and Outdoor Feet   +$450
  • Fursuit Friendly Reference (Only for already designed characters) +$50
  • Artistic Freedom Costume Design (includes a reference) +75

Please follow the link below to access our Google Form page for an offical quote request

***One design/one quote per order form only***


***Use the page below to send us any NON-QUOTE related questions***

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